Dance Creations

Described by the New York Times as 'a dance company of rare vitality', SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations is an award winning Canadian professional dance company specializing in the creation and production of classical and contemporary dance works rooted in the Indian Classical dance form of bharatanatyam. SAMPRADAYA's strength lies in its pursuit of excellence in the creation of a stunning range of solo and ensemble works that are infused with the creativity of Indian dance vocabularies, while inspiring audiences with the its innovative approaches to traditional movement.
SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations’ maintains a strong presence in the Canadian dance scene through its national tours and festival participation. SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations has toured across Canada and internationally to India, the United States, Indonesia and Ireland.


Dance Academy

Sampradaya Dance Academy is a premiere dance training institution recognized for its excellence in the training of bharatanatyam technique, repertoire and rhythm theory.

Sampradaya is a Sanskrit word embodying an evolving tradition that represents an organic process of dynamic change as it adapts to shifting trends and influences.

Sampradaya Dance Academy’s vision of dance is continually inspired by tradition being the cornerstone of the art; where time-tested principles of training, theoretical knowledge, performance and creation are not compromised while exploring new pathways of making art relevant and accessible to all audiences.


Dance Theatre

In June of 2012, our newly expanded space that included the addition of the theatre officially opened its doors to the public which was as a significant milestone for Sampradaya Dance Creations. With the generous project support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Department of Canadian Heritage, as well as a number of private sector donors, the vision to make this space a community hub for South Asian arts became a reality.
The multi-purpose studio and theatre space with retractable seating for 93 offers a warm and intimate setting. Equipped with professional quality and thoughtfully designed lighting and sound infrastructure this new space proudly boasts the potential to be transformed from a lecture space into a stunning performance space.
This facility expansion has allowed the Company to move forward with programming our own performance series for emerging artists which has been named the Horizon Series. We have also continued to bring in international artists from around the world through our Kalangan