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Introduction to Sampradaya Dance Academy 

Sampradaya Dance Academy was established by leading Indo-Canadian dancer, choreographer and teacher Lata Pada in 1990. The Academy is at the forefront of training in bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance form. Founded with the vision of engaging future generations of Canadians in the rich classical dance form of bharatanatyam, the Academy is deeply committed to time-tested traditions of teaching, practice and performance. The Academy is committed to excellence in the teaching, practice and performance of the Tanjavur style of bharatanatyam.

Through Sampradaya Dance Academy, Founder/ Director Lata Pada strives to nurture a passion for dance by inspiring excellence, self-confidence and creativity in an emerging generation of dancers. Lata aims to contribute to the arts by creating dancers who embody the diversity and vibrancy of dance in Canada.

Through its dedication to excellence in bharatanatyam, Sampradaya Dance Academy is at the forefront of training a new generation of dancers. Lata Pada is the Director of the Academy. The Academy also maintains a resource library and documentation centre with a large collection of books, audio and videotapes of Indian visual art, music and dance.

Sampradaya Dance Academy promotes a family and welcoming atmosphere and nurtures confidence and creativity.  The Academy students are encouraged to develop strong relationships with the Academy teachers and with performers of Sampradaya Dance Creations. The activities of the Academy are closely linked to Sampradaya Dance Creations, recognized as one of the foremost professional Indian dance companies in Canada.  The activities of Sampradaya Dance Centre not only include the weekly classes but also encourages participation in the performances of both the Academy and Dance Creations professional productions.

 Training Programs

 The Academy offers the following programs:

  • General Certificate Program – trained students over approximately 10 years for a margam – a comprehensive bharatanatyam repertoire.
  • Arangetram Program – prepares students over approximately 12 years for their debut solo performance of advanced level repertoire  with an orchestra.
  • Professional Training Program – trains dancers in advanced level bharatanatyam and other movement disciplines towards preparation for joining the professional ensemble of Sampradaya Dance Creations.
  • Summer Intensive Program – provides daily intensive classes to advanced students and accepts students from across Canada
  • Summer camp – offers a two-week summer camp in July every year. This summer camp is mandatory for all intermediate and senior level students. The half-day camp includes intensive training in technique, repertoire and alternate movement practices with senior teachers and guest teacher


 The Academy operates on a three-semester basis – fall, winter and spring.  Each semester runs for 12-14 weeks. Please refer to the Main Schedule issued at the beginning of the school year, for details.

 The Academy will follow the school calendar and be typically closed during the following holidays.  The exact dates will be outlined in the Academy Newsletter.

  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Victoria Day
  • Christmas Holidays
  • March Break
  • Easter Holidays