The Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing, Dance Examinations Board of the South Asian Dance Faculty, is a requirement of the Sampradaya Dance Academy.  It is expected all students be tested for this exam.  The completed ISTD graded examination will be a pre-requirement for Certification and arangetrams. 

Sampradaya Dance Academy is affiliated with ISTD – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing based in London, England.  ISTD is an internationally recognized accreditation organization.

Students at Sampradaya Dance Academy train in the ISTD syllabus that provides comprehensive training in bharatanatyam technique, history, theory, rhythm, music, body conditioning and safe dance practice.

The ISTD syllabus provides a clearly defined structure that allows students to develop the skill and understanding of the dance form while also exploring their individual creativity and expression.

Through the ISTD Vocational Courses, students are trained to prepare for vocational training in bharatanatyam or other dance related careers as well as developing an awareness and appreciation of diverse dance practice.

For more information about ISTD, please visit their website.