Theatre Information

Theatre Specs

Staging area measurements: 19 feet X 29 ½ feet

Note: 19 feet (from back wall with hanging curtains to front of seating area) X 29 ½ feet (left wall to right wall with hanging curtains).

Seating Capacity: 93 seats

Theatre Capacity: 100 guests max.

Seating Plan:  Click Here For Theatre Seating Plan

Lighting Plot:  Click Here For  Theatre Lighting Plot

Sound: Professionally equipped theatrical sound plot

Projector: 7, 000 lumens – Available

Dropdown Electric Screen:  16 feet X 12 feet  –Available

Additional Spaces:

Lobby/ Reception Area, Two Washrooms ( 1 wheelchair accessible), a Multipurpose Room

  Seating-Image-Close-Uptheatre view from seats 

     Photo Credits:  Divine Method Photography